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We grow CBD-rich industrial hemp in soil that has been tended organically for nearly 50 years.

And that’s mighty important!

Generation Family Farm
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Years of Nourishing Organic Soil
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Imagine walking the rows of hemp knowing that beneath your feet is soil that hasn’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals in decades. Here in the eastern foothills of Mt. Hood, these hemp plants bring up nutrients from deep within the volcanic soil to make superior CBD in their leaves and buds…

Organic For Almost 50 Years

Here at Wolf Run Organics, we’ve been growing organically since 1972 on land that has been in our family since 1952. This is important for hemp as it pulls nutrients and toxins from deep in the soil.

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Family owned, Oregon grown hemp farm land

All of the hemp and hemp products offered are grown on our family owned and operated organic farm in Dufur, Oregon. The entire family lends a hand!

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We offer CBD products from our independent brand partners, like Kat’s Naturals and Enlightened Essentials.

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Why Heritage Organic Farms Are Best for Your Hemp

Hemp plants are unique in their ability to bring substances from deep down… this means they can bring up valuable nutrients, but they can also bring up toxins.  This is why it is so important that you choose hemp that is not only certified organic, but that has been grown in soil that hasn’t had toxic chemicals sprayed on it recently, either.

A farm can be certified organic in as little as three years… spend 3 years in “transitional organic” status (no chemicals added), plant a hemp crop, and Voila!  Healthy, organic hemp, right? We believe that’s not necessarily the case and may be the reason why some certified organic hemp can still test positive for toxic chemicals.  The “leftover” chemical from before organic farming practices were adopted can linger in the soil, then be brought up by plants (such as hemp) that are particularly good at bringing up substances from far below the surface.

Wolf Run Has Been Organic For a Long Time

But, here at Wolf Run Organics, we’ve been growing organically since 1972 on land that has been in our family since 1952.  First-generation farmer here, Friedrich Stelzer, saw dramatic improvement in his health when his son, Alfred Stelzer, switched to organic farming methods.  Alfred Stelzer’s son, David Stelzer (founder of Azure Standard), saw dramatic improvements in his health during that same time. Three generations enjoyed the benefits of the switch to organic together!  Now David Stelzer’s children farm the same fields, and his grandchildren enjoy the benefits of growing up in a chemical-free environment. Read more about us and our 5th Generation farm here.

What our Clients Say

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to purchase organic, quality fresh hemp. We have already made our CBD oil and are excited about the fantastic results we are already seeing in our family by using it.- Kate