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Our Story

It was in the spring of 2019 that David Stelzer got what seemed like a strange request at the time.  Would he be willing to grow organic hemp starts? We already grow hundreds of varieties of other plants for home gardeners and small farms under our Ellie’s Eden brand… but hemp?  Hemp for CBD? And could we grow enough to cover hundreds of acres?

The first question was whether we would be willing to grow hemp.  After all, David’s experience with hemp up to that point had been either neutral or negative (charlitan salesmen hawking products with dubious origins).  So, he started researching hemp and CBD. He asked his family and staff if they would support such an endeavor. Were there real dangers in industrial hemp and the CBD it produced?  What about THC levels? He was only being asked to grow hemp starts for someone else… but this was a big decision.

So, he did a little experimenting with some hemp seeds in the greenhouse early in the season, and posted the CBD question on his personal Facebook page.  Did others find CBD helpful or was it just “snake oil”? Were there downsides? The response was overwhelmingly positive with the caveat that any CBD oil had to be of the top-most quality.  No compromises.

What better way to ensure the quality than to grow it yourself?… on land that’s been organic for nearly 50 years?  So, that’s what we decided to do.

In a mad scramble, we broke through the red-tape that surrounds all-things-hemp, and we started filling every available greenhouse with hemp starts.  But, then another opportunity arose. Our customer for hemp starts was willing to pay us in hemp seeds! Would we be willing to grow our own starts from the seeds and plant our own fields with hemp?  Another decision.

Family members jumped in to do research, decide on growing locations and irrigation options, and estimate costs.  Could we do it? With some creative planning and the participation of some of our key connections, it was determined that yes, we could do it without financially jeopardizing other parts of our family business.  Family members far and near came to help with this new and unique crop to put in the labor necessary to produce a superior crop.

And we’re glad we did.  While the crop was in the field we got compliments on how much healthier our plants looked than most other hemp crops put in by “green-rushers” (folks who saw the opportunity to make some money in hemp even though they had no experience at farming, much less organic farming.)  After the harvest, numerous people have told us our hemp is the best they’ve used. It feels good to know that what our soil has produced is truly high-quality, organic, nutrient-rich hemp. And we’re happy to share it with you!

Who We Are

We are a family (5 generations of farming on this farm) whose passion is to make the world a better place by providing healthy food, herbs and products to those who need it, without wrecking our environment to do it.

Our work is supported by many team members both on the farm and in our community.  We couldn’t do what we do without the network of amazing people we work with. Our family has been blessed to meet and work with so many highly-qualified experts and dedicated workers.  When everyone is working in their strengths toward a common goal, great things can happen. Wolf Run Organics is a perfect example.

What We Do

First and foremost, we’re farmers.  We love the soil and the life it brings forth.  We marvel at how, when things are in balance, and everything is living in harmony, such beautiful and healthful plants can spring up to provide food for animals and people alike.  It’s truly an amazing creation that, while robust, is also quite fragile. Chemical sprays and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can wreak havoc on the eco-system as it was designed to function.  We strive to restore and maintain the healthy balance of life that leads to the most nutrient dense plants we can grow.

We grow a very diverse array of crops on our farm and rotate the crops as well.  No mono-culture farming here. Besides industrial hemp, we grow grains & beans, berries, tree fruits, vegetables, root crops, garden seeds.  These are all marketed under our Azure Husbandry brand name. With our Unifine Mill we’re able to produce flour which we then turn into other products like pancake mixes and pasta.  You’ll find these under our Azure Market and Azure Market Organics brand names. We also raise beef (Azure Farm brand) and pastured eggs (Azure Husbandry brand). And of course, we also grow plant starts… branded Ellie’s Eden.

Our hemp endeavors include propagation in greenhouses, growing, harvesting, drying, and processing the industrial hemp for sale as fresh herb, dried herb, biomass, and CBD oil.  We plan to offer lotions, creams and other products soon.

In addition to hemp grown on our own farm and CDB products made from it, we also offer curated CBD products from other suppliers that we feel have superior quality.  We hope you enjoy these additional products that we make available.

Where We Farm

organic hemp growing on farmland with the horizon in view

Our farm is located in the eastern foothills of Mt. Hood in north-central Oregon.  Nine miles outside the nearest town (of only 600 people) and close to the Mt. Hood National Forest, we have a pristine landscape.  Water comes from the snowpack of the foothills and is saved in our own reservoir for use throughout the summer.

Over a hundred years ago, this land was homesteaded by multiple families who came West looking for a new start.  Our farm is actually a patchwork of old homesteads pieced together one by one over the years. The old schoolhouse for the homesteading families was called the “Wolf Run School”, and when a community watershed management program was instituted among our neighbors, it was called the “Wolf Run Water District”.  Our farm went by the name “Wolf Run Ranch” for years until we renamed it Azure Farm around 1987 to go along with our food distribution business, Azure Standard.