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  • Do you sell industrial hemp as live plant starts? We are currently not offering live plant starts.
  • When will you be offering CBD oil made from your own hemp crop? We are working on our own brand of CBD oil.  Please check back for updates.
  • Do you sell seeds for customers to grow their own hemp?  We are not currently offering seeds for sale.
  • Does your industrial hemp contain THC? Hemp can have trace amounts of THC.  The legal limit for hemp is .03% and what we have is under that level.
  • Why is this hemp named Trump?  The name of the hemp we are selling (T1 Trump Strain) was developed before we had a President with that name.  The original cultivar was brought to the USA from Afghanistan, by a soldier nearly 15 years ago. After a couple of years of development, the growers thought the variety “trumped” the older varieties and so they called it “T1 Trump.”  The president of the seed company we purchased our seed from is trying to rename the variety “Midwest.”
  • Can I use other oils (besides coconut oil) to make the CBD oil recipe? Other oils (like olive oil) can be used instead of coconut oil, however, we have not used other oils and recommend you research the use of other oils as each oil has different temperature requirements.  (For example, olive oil would likely require a much lower temperature and a much longer cooking time.)
  • How many milligrams of CBD oil does your recipe (for CBD oil made with coconut oil) produce?  It produces just a little over 2,000 mg per one cup.  (The recipe calls for 1 cup of coconut oil for each cup of hemp.  Customer should get approx. 8 cups of oil from one pound of fresh hemp)
  • Where is the CBD in the plant?  The CBD oil crystals are most concentrated in the buds and small leaves of the plants.  The larger leaves and stems have very little (if any) oil crystals to extract.
  • Is our hemp variety Indica or Stativa?  This hemp variety is a 50/50 cross between Indica and Stativa.
  • Can I smoke or vape this?  We are selling the crude hemp oil.  We are unable to recommend smoking or vaping the hemp CBD oil.  We suggest that you do your own further research and/or consult an expert.